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    New Sigs

    Yeah, so.. I don't think anyone will care, but I have never stoped making sigs sinc I started 4 years ago with this(do you remember how proud I was?Lol): So for now on I will be posting my new sigs in here (no double posting, I know. I will just edit my post before;\) I still don't have photo...
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    No PC

    Simple as that. My PC stuffed up real badly due to a virus, and now it is getting fixed ($99.00!?)so, yeah, the character battles might have to wait a while. EDIT: I'm postin from my PS3 now
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    Shoop Da Woop!

    Ok, so latley I have had just a tad spare time on my hands when I wasn't talking with TLS about the character battles. So... when bordem came I decided to do something that I had thought was funny and this is the result...
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    Motivational Posters

    These things are called motivational posters. They are pretty funny. My sister made them, and I plan on making some when I get the time. You can make some of your own, if you like. my fave is the moogle one. :wacko:
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    Miss Know-It-All Got an Idea! Lol :)

    How about I/someone else (I'll be happy to do it) makes a thread were people vote for their fave video game characters and at the end of the week we see which character wins and make a smiley version of them? It seems like something fun and hopefully it will bring people back over and over so...
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    PS3 Little Big Planet

    I myself can't wait for LBP to come out. I probably won't be able to buy it, but I'll rent anyways. :wacko When Sony were advertising the game, they had LBP singpost post around the world. Heres a link to some pics, since i'm to lazy to get them and post them on here. Linky What are your...
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    XBOX 360 Red Ring

    ALL XBOX USERS BEWARE!! Have you all heard of red ring? Its a virus that the XBox can get of the net. Apparently your XBox 360 melts, literly from inside. You Know Its Over When You See This: Yep, just so you know.
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    PS3 Playstation Eye

    If you have a PS3, do you plan on geting the Playstation Eye(if you don't already have it)? In case you don't acctully know what it is, it is like an Eyetoy for PS3. I'm going to get it and I'm going to get this game: Game Trailer I know it sounds weird that were going to be spending $100 on an...
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    What Are We Going To Do? D:

    I don't know if it is just me, or is this place dying? Because every new member that joins seems to leave ASAP. And it may be because I'm in Aussie and everyone else is in America and Europe, but no one ever seems to be on. To me, it feels like only about 20 members come on anymore to post. It...
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    Oh Good God...I Struck Death..

    When me and my brother (Hippy08) were digging a hole in our back yard (we were just bored) we dug a little to deep... We found bones. We found: kneecap; spine section?(about ten vertebrae); about 4 leg bone pieces. We also found a toy skull and a gnome. Apparently the people that lived in the...
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    Switch of Death

    I'll tell you the story. There was this dude that LOVED Final Fantasy... Like, based his life on it. Played it all the time. Now, all of us know about how Final Fantasy 13 is exclusive for PS3. Wrong. Final Fantasy 13 is now comeing out on XBOX 360 as well. The boy that loved Final Fantasy so...
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    XBOX 360 Banjo Threeie

    Have any of you herd of this yet? The next Banjo Kazooie game will be coming out on XBOX 360. Part one took 2nd place in my favourite games list for Nintendo 64. I honestly don't agree to this game being on XBOX 360 (Because I don't have one, dont like the controler) but since Rare got brought...
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    2nd best drawing I have done

    Some of you probably know that I like to draw. And I would like to present to you the 2nd best drawing I have ever done(so far ;D) It's a drawing of my character Jas who I was supposed to make a drawing of 2 years ago for an...
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    Long Post Or Short?

    Okay, so for a while I'v been thinking of making a new RP in Role Playing Square, but since my others failed so, so badley I thought mabey I wouldn't go straight ahead and try to make one but instead ask you guys if you would rather short or long post's in rps.
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    Lol sort of

    I'v been bored with no net at home (By the way, it should be back by July) so I decided that I would mess around with some KH2 pics. The first turned out very nice, so I decided to do another and it has now become a new sort of hobbie. So I'v got the best one's made so far to show you. I hope...