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  • OMGoodness, yes I was here this morning, wasn't I? I was half asleep though haha. But now that I'm awake I can... raid your house for cookies yayyy!!
    so when is this infraction gonna go away dae dosnt agree with it, and crue is being a lil kid
    lol im a ninja i dissapear all the time get used to it babe. lol sorry i heart you nitz.
    no parties no fun just lame. srry no int at home just psp and school and damn senior projects. you get em everywhere
    But ofcourse, but keep this in mind: your skin will stay red forever, you will get horns on your head (ofcourse the rest of your head is bald) plus a hairy waist, so no need to spend money on clothing!

    Sounds good?
    Lol. Oh yeah. Forgot about that. Well, good hearing from you again.
    Whatever you like- T.I.
    She got me speedin' in the fast lane
    Pedal to the floor mayne, tryna get back to her love
    Best believe she got that good thang
    She my little hood thang, ask around they know us
    they know that's my...
    BUSTTTTTT ITTTT... bay bayy
    Everybody know that's my..
    BUSTTTT ITTTTT.... bay bayy
    Everybody know thats mine
    LOL. Joe-Stutta

    What do you have in store for me girl?
    (What do you have in store for me girl)
    It's looking like one of those nights where we don't get no sleep, no.

    What do have in store for me girl?
    (What do you have in store for me girl)
    Baby, I'm anxious.
    I'm tryna focus.
    I don't think that I can take this.
    No jokin you got me right where you want me to be
    I just hope you feel cuz i dont nothin to change
    This where i where i wanna be
    So if you wanna put me on
    I dont mind
    Its alright
    I'm all for it
    I would so adore it
    Nothin turns me on more than being with you....

    Guess the song.
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