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  1. Phabbyfundz

    xbox one kinect

    The Xbox one Console seems uninteresting to the Xbox 360 still remained relevant long after it's release but the Xbox one was just so easily forgotten.
  2. Phabbyfundz

    Quantum Break

    I could remember this Game though I didn't play it personally but I have a friend that was really interested in quantum break.
  3. Phabbyfundz

    Xbox One

    Xbox one Console has to be the only Xbox console I haven't gamed and Haven't really thought about gaming on it.
  4. Phabbyfundz

    xbox gamers getting hacked

    The issue of hackers and games getting hacked or servers hijacked has been going on for a while now and I feel this companies should work in creating more security to their servers.
  5. Phabbyfundz

    Dead Space

    I played the most recent release of dead space a few weeks ago and though I haven't played any of its release prior to this time but I actually had a wonderful time exploring the open world of the game.
  6. Phabbyfundz

    What's your build ?

    My most recent purchase for a gadget is the Nintendo switch OLED version which has a 7-inch screen display and Comes with a detachable controller suitable for multiplayer games.
  7. Phabbyfundz

    Blackberry Torch

    This thread just gave me nostalgia and I remember I had the black berry torch mobile phone back then and it was quite expensive for a smart phone at the time.
  8. Phabbyfundz

    Samsung Note 3

    When the Samsung note series came it was one of the Giants of its time but as with every other smart phone it has been over taken by other recent series like the A and S Series of the Samsung.
  9. Phabbyfundz

    The Internet

    The internet is one of man's greatest innovations which has helped to bring the world more closer together and information are been passed across at a more faster pace.
  10. Phabbyfundz

    Blackberry or IPhone

    Recent blackberry devices are quite good and durable but they are not as popular as they were in 2011 or there about.
  11. Phabbyfundz

    OlliOlli world

    I have been on this skating game since I got my switch some weeks ago, i played and completed the original release and went ahead to play the void riders DLC which is way better. Has anyone else played this game and what are you thought on it.
  12. Phabbyfundz

    What's the last game you completed on your Nintendo console?

    I recently completed the Olli Olli world:Void riders DLC , I already played and completed the first release but this dlc version is top notch and featured extraterrestrial activities.
  13. Phabbyfundz

    Tales of Hearts

    I found this really cool game play video for tales of heart, Check it out.
  14. Phabbyfundz

    Anyone loves "Tales of the Tempest"?

    I Kno about the game but I haven't played it personally I only watched my body who is a fan or indie games play tales of tempest.
  15. Phabbyfundz

    Tales of Innocence?

    I heard about tale of innocence on Nintendo but I haven't been able since I didn't have a switch at the time but now I do and I would check it out and have a good playing time with it.
  16. Phabbyfundz

    Elden ring

    Elden ring is a an action role playing game published by Bandai Namco Entertainment and it was released sometime in February of this year on Xbox and PlayStation consoles alike. Has anyone played this video game and what are your thoughts on it.
  17. Phabbyfundz

    New race in SC2

    StarCraft 2 was epic and I really think it times for them to release another sequel to the game, I really can't wait for a StarCraft 3 to be out.
  18. Phabbyfundz

    Starcraft II A mathematical guess on the release of SC2

    There's a new StarCraft in making and I heard it's coming out in a few years , is anyone interested in this and what are your thoughts about it.
  19. Phabbyfundz

    Starcraft The protoss cannon strategy - quick win

    I haven't been playing StarCraft consistently but i would get back to it because I am starting to gain more interest after playing StarCraft over the weekend at a friend's place.
  20. Phabbyfundz

    Diablo III

    I enjoy playing Diablo though I started Diablo with Diablo III and then I played Diablo immortal which is also a really interesting game as well.