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  1. Jechtsphere

    USB keyboard

    gonna get one for my ps2 for mgo but I can't find a store with one, best buy didn't have any... anyone know of any stores that do?
  2. Jechtsphere

    T.O. signs with Cowboys

    3 year deal, in the news confrense he was like I won't dissapoint you and I was like bull**** lol
  3. Jechtsphere

    funny naruto video clip classic
  4. Jechtsphere

    Best MGS

    Which is your favorite and why? Mine I think is MGS3 for the all around but MGS2 is my favorite story for the complexity and just suprise in it.
  5. Jechtsphere


    What are the names of the ps1 remakes, I've never played and want to...are they better than the original?
  6. Jechtsphere

    L. Brown Vs. S. Marbury

    anyone been keeping up with this, they are both at a war with each other o.O wonder if their gonna throw down lol
  7. Jechtsphere

    Metal Gear Online

    Who is gonna go online and play, I just set up my PS2 online but now I can't get Subsistence until next week :(
  8. Jechtsphere


    I'm not sure but is he still alive...I thought he died in previous RE considering RE4 is more of a side story.
  9. Jechtsphere

    God of War 2: Divine Retribution Sweet, can't wait to see some video of the new game!
  10. Jechtsphere

    Party Boy shakin teh white ass

    old ones:
  11. Jechtsphere

    Which RE games have you played and completed?

    I've played RE, RE2, RE3: Nemisis, RE4 and thats all for me.
  12. Jechtsphere

    God of War

    Suprised there isn't a's an awesome game, gameplay is really fun and a good story, graphics are great and practically no loading times ;) not to mention some naked ladies lol what does everyone else think? I've yet to beat god mode and want to see the extra video's for beating...
  13. Jechtsphere

    Viz Media Aquires Bleach? could it be... o.O
  14. Jechtsphere

    Andrei Kirilenko's wife says he can... wow thats funny lol
  15. Jechtsphere

    Scary Moments in RE History?

    Name all if anytime you were scared... In RE1 mostly, it was just creepy like in the beginning if you try and go back outside the video shows the zombie dog almost jump in at you
  16. Jechtsphere

    RE Monsters

    Which did you hate the most? I hated the spiders of RE2 and I'd be poisoned and **** >.<
  17. Jechtsphere


    One day when and if you have kids...what are you gonna name them. For a boy me and my g/f like Reno and for a girl Lacuna. So what about you guys.
  18. Jechtsphere

    EA cutting prices The Godfather and Black will start at 39.99 10 dollars cheaper than regular market retail. They say it's because of the transistion to next gen...lets hope other company's follow suit eh ;)
  19. Jechtsphere

    Resident Evil 5

    We don't know much from RE5 but what do you want in it? RE4 was more of a side story so where should the story start from? I think all the past RE characters should be involved, Leon is my favorite and from what I've seen in the trailer it is Chris, I want to see all the characters involved...
  20. Jechtsphere

    Shooting Percentage

    What is your best shooting percentage so far in a game? Right now I'm chapter 5-3 and am at 80% pretty accurate.