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Name: Oduka Umfundisi ~ Black Man of Respect [It's zimbawe...i doubt you knew <_<]

True Name: Aizokilo Byaphord ~ Figure of Unrivaled Prowess

Age: Has existed since the time he oversaw the people of the continent of darkened skinned associates. It's assumed that he ages on hundred times slower than human beings do and he's existed for quite sometime.

Gender: Male

Homeworld: Afroca/Earth [This should be obvious]

Species: Afrocus Cantaway/Disciple of God

Title: Excriment of Blackened Magic

Motto: Pick from the fruits of the tree we call life and eat so you live long and prosper a healthy lifetime as I have watched you grow.

Aramaments: Oduka carries quite a few things on his person at any given time. A sharpened staff containing at the end a skull with bones harboring a graceful evil it contains. The shaking of the bones clicking back and forth containing voodo arts. The staff cannot be broken with magic alone, to be a higher up ranked Disciple of God. His secondary weapon contained something shaped like a dream catcher, he catches nightmares, fears, strengths, weaknesses, all types of images and experience withn this small bind. Oduka can unleash this that hinders an opponent back onto them twenty-fold wiping them out in a matter of miliseconds. The final item carried on his person is a medium-sized pouch within contained a black powder which has properties of its own. With a little bit of this powder he can change and alter the shape of it not to mention giving way to animation.

Personality: Benevolent is the keyword. Having over see the land for such a long time he developed all kinds of different emotions for a person unlike a normal being. He knew not what he was for quite along time, so the experiences of these feelings came to flood his entity each at different times.


Height: 6'1''

Weight: 215 lbs

Eye Color: A sharpened hazel though sometimes a dimmed brown.

Skin tone: Fairly darkened tone, melinin pigment on the skin cells showing a lightened side as his skin pigment trickly shifts between the bright and darker tones of color brown.

Facial Features: The face protruding a strong disposition near the underlining of the face. Hair soft like wool configured with a black texture though brown in the sunlight. It's puffed back into a spherical appearance as with much of the early ancestoral Afrocuns. Ears both hanging loosely from the sides of the face unattatched to the head where the bottom lobes seem to jut out loosely. On his face a rugged look occupied by a wooly beard on his face jagged at the seems as it envelops the chin and connects to the side burns. It continues around the face forming a mustache across the face.

Physical Features/Attire: The body fairly built, encased in flesh with a humanoid form. On the torso covering the chest a veil covering the bare flesh composed black magics to negate the effects of any magic/magickal based projectile attack. The second layer covering the veil is a vest made of potent steel enchanced with the magick Rejuva that is always activated and flowing from it to rejuvenate cells speeding the ageing process however since he ages so slowly, he doesn't notice it at all.

-Peace through whatever means
-His people
-The Harvest
-Women and Children

-A sense of superiority becoming dominant
-Cheap Shots/Tricks/Tactics
-Loathesome Embodiments

~Ancestoral Arts:

[The traditional powers]

From a clay poppet, ragdoll, or obect carved into the image of a desired target. Black magic is placed over that said doll which has a direct effect on them. Whatever the doll does, the target does whether they be mortal or immortal, that power has a bind on them specifically. In the case that harbors an immortal, they cannot merely be destroyed. The user would need far more power to do that, however, severing all the pieces of the clay directly effects said immortal even though they cannot feel pain. With their pieces scattered and they body deconstructed, they are thus rendered useless. There is a way to break the bind of the voodo hold, but that is for the puppet to figure out.

A curse placed on a target one that shortens the life, an incantation is uttered while the rattling of the skull bone staff initiates the ritual. The magic is directed throughout the body and attacks the nervous system. The first sign of the effect displaces the flow of the brains waves scattering movement receptions so the body is off touch and bashed for precise movement. The second stage of the process begins to sever the access to the brain shutting down the muscles movement. Once the body is incapacitated and cut off from movement, disability kicks in and the body from the neck down is completely shut off.

An age old technique used by the Otawumbo tribe with practices to draw out an extensive amount of magic that can heal the body by regenerating cells rapidly. This not only cures physical wounds by cuts from normal weapons, it also relinquishes the effects of a lasting magic attack that seems to linger when touching the veil that stops magick based attacks/abilities/komas. This magick can be used on others via voodo magic or direct contact.

An attack used on the atomic level which would normally be used to construct things from the black powder from the pouch that Oduka carries. He blows the black power expanding it into the air thickening it into a dust storms with intentions of twisting the powder onto his enemies flesh or even more precise the insides of the body. Whether on the flesh or the interworks of the body's inside, the powder sticks and can't be removed no matter what, it's so tiny that it compares to atoms themselves sticking to covalently bonded organics. On a whim, the black power particles are slowly detonating one by one killing millions of cells on the outer flesh every milisecond. From the inside it is much the same except red blood cells, muscle tissue, or even the hollow shell of a form inside is being destroyed as the body literally distegrates.

Using the dream catcher on Oduka's person, he uses the images of the experiences of others mainly his foes to bring their nightmares, fears, weaknesses, and/or past preferences to life. Using the powder from his pouch, he then cast an incantation which gives it form. In light of the construction process, the black powder will stay in the form of the fear so long as the recipient it's cast upon contains the fear. It can only be cast away by the recipient conquering that fear or Oduka dismissing the alleged beast of black powder manifesting said idea.

Seven beast of Afroca summons technique. On the continent that he watched over for many milenia, he sought to create seven great beast from black powder and placing them in a pocket dimension for which to summon them in times that call for it.

The wisest along with the toughest hide of the great beast. Holds within it's shell the greatest amount of magick used to sustain itself. Listens only to the summoner and to those the summoner gives extended control over. This rampaging beast of the jungles can resist a majority of most magic/magick/mana/energy based attacks and hits back with tusk emitting an electric charge for both rampaging hand to hand and distance attacks.

The most dangerous of the great beast with sharpened claws and fangs. Holding within it's shell the second greatests amount of magick used to sustain itself. Listens only to the summoner and to those the summoner gives extended control over. This more refined beast of the jungles of afroca moves with great power and speed as a balance. It's eyes so sharp, it can read and see levels of magic from a great distance. This beast lastly has an inate ability to combust it's entire body in flame and act as a walking torch moving just as fast capable of flight with the given lighter form of mass.

The most random of the great beast. It holds within it's small amount of magick to sustain itself. Listens only to the summoner and to those the summoner gives extended control over. This beast isn't much of a threat at all, it's wings are valuable for the transportation of messages and vital items across the way. It's multi-colored beak holds reserves of magic to restore those lacking so in that department.

-Wild Boar:
The most mindless savage set mentality of the great beast. It holds within it's shell a considerable amount of magic as it's constantly on the move. Listens only to the summoner and to those the summoner gives extended control over. This beast is extremely fast and has an attacking sense when bailing out an ally from death. The pinacle of such a feat breaks the sound barrier, another aspect of the beast is that it's tusk are brimming with magic for a charge that on contact knocks a person out. However, in such cases as striking a magic repelling veil, this transaction is nullified.

The most stealth prone of the great beast. It's elongated body stretching out to forty feet containing a large amount of magick. Listens only to the summoner and to those the summoner gives extended control over.

-Black Pantherion:


~Hyper Arts:

[Newer more adept outside of tradition.]

-Spatial Prowess-

Interdimensional Travel:
Moving in between dimensions and/or teleporting so to speak, on a whim the user can move no faster than the speed light and reappear somewhere else. The subtle shift of the atomos moves in and out of the realities with the slightest ease. This can be used in cases to avoid such casualties as spatial lock by moving from it.

Spatial Shifts:
Space is at the hands of Oduka on a simple whim. The ability to bend the spatial fabric of reality to rearrange/distort matter of his own accord. For example if an attack where coming in his velocity even at light speed, it could be halted with the simple notion that it's existence is acknowledged. With such an power, Oduka is capable of rearrange his mass into any form and entity of his desire and choosing. Since physics are damned by this power, the shape of even a singularity is within his grasp. These shifts expand into mater as well, such as oxygen combusting to make fire, controling wind currents, moving shifts of terra beneath the feet, even bolts of lightning as it is only atoms rubbing vigorously together to spark.

[This is basically redirecting energy since you can't create it. The other is giving it a second shape by changing the mass only I add my power to it to give it much more than the original amount of matter.]

The secondary effect of the spatial shifts reguard around the key component 'replacement'. He lacks the ability to strip a person of matter/magick/energy, he can only replace their keen abilities with a substitute of his choosing at complete random. Say a fireball were to be hurled towards the opponent, on the recieving end Oduka would shift the fireball and reconfigure the structure into a mere rock as it densely slams into the earth. These replacement shifts go so far as replacing a person's abilites with another gift instead. Simple enough, instead of teleporting, you would merely take the form of a shadow and move within them.

Blight Flame Lockdown:
Light moving from a dimension encased at light speed, bars shift from the pocket dimension from which the summoned creatures. The speed at which they travel is equivocal to the material their made of, each bar ten feet in length by one cenitmeter in width. Several bars binding tightly together form a cage to absorbs weaker burst of magic/magick/energy and deflects stronger burst of magic/magick/energy. A disruption flux field is created by both the top and bottom of the cage cancelling out the effects of teleportation of the sorts. The bars are burning with white fire that assimilate matter by the touch to ensure there aren't those foolish enough to attempt escape.

How to escape it? [I swear to god if you bs this and act like you know it you'll die inside the cage when I self implode it.]

The way to escape the cage is to first find the chink in the proverbial armour. This cage has one isolated spot on the fifty-fifth bar of the cage towards the top. A microscopic frature in one of the beaming rods of white fire, its weakened due to how the cage was originally built. In forging the bars, there was one section that was not effectively strengthened though since it was such a miniscule flaw it was ignored. Striking this piece with magic/magick/energy without holding back ultimately causes it to collapse. However, if you hit the wrong bar with everything you have, a fail-safe measure takes place causing the cage to implode crushing it's captive victum inside.

~Inheritance: Reincarnated Soul of Kunokai, Rayex.

[Techniques of the soul merged with his body. Six at a max.]

A high speed technique, which Rayex incorporates in select battles. The technique requires to release chakra on a whim to keep a constant speed that keeps the user moving so quickly, they seem to vanish. The speed is relatively scaled to break the sound barrier and continue to rise depending on the amount of power input into the legs. When Rayex uses this technique, the naked eye cannot trace such movements and even with a mildly evolved Sharingan, it is hard to trace the movements. This technique was produced under the teachings of Sanosuke Uchiha, Rayex's previous sensei and he taught this to a few other of his students.

Vorpal Orb:
This jutsu requires no hand seals to perform. It gathers chakra into the hand that froms into a ball about the size of a softball. Rayex can use this jutsu many ways. He can either throw it at an enemy since it will follow an enemies chakra signature until it slams into them causing damage, or rush the opponent with it and cause damage the way the rasengan does with a spinning chakra effect. This is the signature attack move of his previous sensei Sanosuke Uchiha.

Raifuuton: Vorpal Orb:
This technique combines Rayex's lightning and wind based chakra in combination with the vorpal orb. By doing so the attack is both sharped by the wind chakra enhancing its ability to pierce through matter. With the lightning as an additon it gives it the same properties and speed of rippling chakra making it light and maintaining speed. By far this jutsu is still in the pre-stages, about half way finished to be exact. Rayex later perfected this technique after learning how to manipulate wind chakra in a simultaneous fashion. After which the orb not only held his lightning nature, but a thick layer of wind was about the outside. The attack can be thrown and it seeks out the enemy, or detonated upon the user's whim. The explosion of direct contact eletrifies the flesh on the lightning being spiral to prevent any further movement whereas the wind slices through the tissues of the flesh severing all given nerves in responses to pain as such. It works and expands to fast locking them in a dome containing both natures as the rotation worsens the attack. The recipient would die in a matter of four seconds.

Urusai Hoiwaitnoizu: Loud White Noise:
This jutsu is an enhanced form of the White Noise, and has the same, albeit more powerful, effect. Rayex is the only one able to use it, and it is named as such because he set the entire area off with an ear splitting roar from his palm generating such intense control as the sound is amazingly loud. This jutsu requires a larger amount of chakra and better chakra control. This is exemplified in their respective appearances. Whereas the White Noise creates a large mass of chakra in one hand that appears near-white, the Loud White Noise is considerably more concentrated and appears in the more concentrated silverish white color of real white noise. Rayex can only use this technique four times in a given day.

Death Gaze:
A fear based genjutsu what when Rayex pierces them with his eyes and crashing wave of force is sent towards the target with what appears to be unknown cuts tearing the flesh apart. The final piece being a kunai knife slammed directly in the forhead causing the enemy to lean back gaping like a stiff and petrified soul. For several minutes the foe is paralyzed with fear that is nearly impossible to overwhelm unless distracted by something else thats powerful enough to divert all of your attention at the sametime.



The gates, both broad and massive of thick golden bars with a surrounding of clouds. Beneath, in a small wooden shack, the light of God shined down as though faith rested within a young unborn infant. The pushing through the birth canal lead to the load sincere tears of both pain and joy as the emergence of the young one came into the world. Holding in the arms of the Afrocun mother by the name of Matambawe Shinguso. A mother rich in knowledge, though not so much the necessities. In her arms she held the young baby thinking of giving him his 'earthly' name.

My son, for your beauty and potential you yeild. . .you shall be named Oduka Umfundisi.

That night taken home and sheltered in a crib made of sticks, twigs, and bamboo, she rocked the newborn infant Oduka in a crib with gentle persuassion. Through the door walked a man, tall, dark, afrocan, an afro that puffed out to a multitude. The name Okubazi Umfundisi happened to be the birth right he carried. Staring down into his son's crib he couldn't quite place his finger on it, but he was most definitely different from all of the other children. Oduka appeared to contain an aura about his form influenced by a watching spector from above.

Great ambitions are greated expected with this one, Oduka will do great things.

The acknowledgement of his offspring's auspicions would ferment a momentus ocassions to come in the reality of it all. This afrocun baby was being monitored as he was a disciple of a much higher power in teh workings. Through his sleep or resting state, his mind harbored an almighty entity for his infant years gracing him with the ability to remember his own birth and infant memories. He knew not what sense it made, but he seemed to count it as an uncanny coincidence.

-Sand drops from the hourglass of time-

Oduka grew to a child of age six which by his life span rivaled six hundred years, capable of such things recollecting his infant state. His mother and father had long since passed onto the next life and he wondered how he managed to live for so long. As he reflected in his small village hidden in the isolated parts of the continents Afroca the time stood still for a moment. He thought he may have been halucinating, yet it didn't appear that way. Oduka blinked to check, still his people and friends had stopped completely. A ball in his palms that he held dropped and brushed across the dirt where the weird got weirder. He could here footsteps briskly on the dirt as a light shined down from the sky and he was greeted by a spector with no face and a translucent white figure.

Who are you?

There was silence.

The looming spector walked over to Oduka and crouched down gazing into his eyes. Oduka's eyes were both a bright hazel, being flooded with strange power. There seemed to be a slight disfunction as his body was then removed from the village as the time halted still and he was moved to the location of the spector's choice. He blunk for but a split second as they were in the place that he had a dream of on the night of his birth. A plane of white clouds augmented beings with angelic wings hovering a golden ring above their heads indicating that they were pure and freed from such blemishes such as avarice. He found himself locked in a room as there was a much higher power at work. Looking up to see a mere light as the transparent entity dissipated.

"Welcome Aizokilo Byaphord, that is your true name in the world for those who reside here after death. No. You are not dead, but you've come of age and should be informed the truth of your existence. You age roughly slow because you're a divine extention of my power. A student or disciple so to speak, to carry out unbridled task of contributing to humanoid life. To further understand the people of this continent, I see what you see, I remember what you remember. We are connected Aizokilo.

You flatter me with talks and ties to an unoquivocal scale as though I could equal one, though I am but in the form of a child, i know so much, but I do not fully understand my purpose.

"Privy not Aizokilo, you are but my disciple, and your knowledge in it's capacity is a rightful gain for the heavens."

There was a ring of light at the base of Oduka's feet as he felt himself being returned to his home. His eyes still fixed on the figure of pure energy and the cloudy structures. Was there nothing like this to be explained? He was a disciple of what he presumed to be 'God', it simply didn't come down to logical aspects. As the light radiated in the dirt of the frozen shacks of Afroca, he stood in time frozen suddenly the livelyhood returned. A smile emerged on his face as he had been informed of his alleged purpose to serve giving him something to strive for.