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AGE: 18,000(looks 18)

SEX: Female

RACE: unknown

WEAPON: Poe Pole (can become any weapon)

MAGIC: Mana magic and summons powers of dragons

BIO: Free spirted, stobborn, foxxy, and all around clever girl

APPERANCE: http://i122.photobucket.com/albums/o244/RPGirl777/RPGirl1.jpg

INFO: Her Mother, Goddess Destiny created RPGirl and her sister with a spilted Spark of Life and two Light and Dark Spirtes, they were to created to breath life back into 3rd earth (Earth) if one of them should die Earth will die too, as they were sent to earth her sister was taken by the Chaos Dragon and RPGirl was taken by the strongset of the earth bound dragons, Dumas. After 5years past and Chaos Dragon Killed Dumas her father. RPGirl then Headed to Avlear, Planets of Mythical Creatures and beings and along the way she met Lul, Prince of Dragons(He was 7,000 then and RPGirl was 6). They both Found the Worlds Gate and Went to Avlear, there RPGirl met the Dragon Elders and they told her to Stay in Avlear and train with the Element Dragon for 10 years (10,000 Years in earth time). Okay RPGirl was 16,000 when she first forught Foxgloves her sister and they both killed Chaos Dragon. Then after that Lul propsed to her and she told him to wait, then when she was 18,000 she found out that She's a Maiden of Mana and that it was Lul who had her Frozzen in time when the Mana Wars started, this caused RPGirl and Lul(19,000) to brak there engament and now she wonders around being a pioneer.

ABLETIES: Can left 3,500 time own weight, Buzerka(If back into a corner or Pissed off enough she goes into a Killing Sprey), And if you grab her tail her other personalty comes out and falls in love with he?She who grabs her tail...(Its onaly to make poeple laugh XD)


Lovely Kisses: The Enemy kissed by this attack will feel like they just drunk 500,000,000 gallon of Sake

Pioson Fang: Poisunes Bite

Water Dragon's Rain: Healling Rain

Fire Dragon's Breath: White Hot flames of the Fire Dragon

Dark Dragon's Grif: A Dark Rift that enoughs the Enemy

Poe Speacail Wepaons Hit: A speacail Move dealing with a Poe Weapon

Earth Dragon's Hammer: Move using Earth as your weapon

Electirc Dragon's Static: whole Bodys is electrcfid

(More to come)

Name- Tripod Trigater

Age- 17,000 (but looks 17)

Wieght- 100pds

Gender- female

Race- Trigater

Wepon- her fist and Poe Hammer

Apprance- http://i122.photobucket.com/albums/o244/RPGirl777/Tripod.jpg

Bio- Born in the scecretive Trigate Clan and also curse with Mutliple Personalty (she only swich personalties wheh she sneeze), Tripod must learn how to balance light abd dark to find the bond between. She learn to fight with her fist and carry on the family's Dojo, she does this to please her father. When she was 15 she sighn up in the war between humans and mytical creatures, she was an under cover spy for the Mythical Creatures. After the war was over she was forgotten and left behind. Now she treavels trying to find her home Avlaer.

Personalites- She has mutiple personalies three if you count them (white, black and gray), she only swich personalties when she sneezes, the only way to figure out who she is, is to look at her eyes.

White Tripod (eyes blue)- when shes White Tripod she very shy, soft spoken and very nonviolent. She is also easily scared and runs at the first sight of trubble, but she loves to help out people and cheer them up when they're sad, also she hates to drink.

Black Tripod (eyes red)- When she's Black Tripod, she acts more like a boy, she gets very agresive and loves to start a fight. But she also helps out if she feels that some one is being bullied, also she loves to drink when she's like this.

Gray Tripod (eyes pink)- when she's Gray Tripod, she more withdrawn from every one, she only talkunless spoken to and she does what ever pops into her mind. But she is easy to be sadden and cry.

Abilities- Lift 3,000 times her own wighet, master of drunk fist (only when drunk) and can learn new things just by watching some one do it once.

Name: Bon-Bon


Sex: Female

Race: Half human and demon

Weapon: Poe Pole (can become any wepon)

Magic: Mana Elements Ice and Water

Bio: Shy at first, fun loveing, outgoing, brave, diztty, Hyper, and a fool for love.

Apprance: http://i122.photobucket.com/albums/o244/RPGirl777/Bon-Bon.jpg

Info.: Baish form her home village she travles place to place with the human plant hot on her trail since she got one of there most irreplceble expriment on her head.

Name- Fox-Chan


Race- Human

Weapon- Poe Brush

Apprance- http://i122.photobucket.com/albums/o244/RPGirl777/Fox-Chan.jpg

Bio- She is one of the few to be choosen as the Host Body of Lilth, Mana Goddess of creation. Her life time Conpain, Mews is contcted to her, if he dies she dies and vice versa. Only she can see Mews others see him as a Light Floating around her. Mews is able to murge into Fox-Chan's Body but thats only in life or death danger. She more of the type to daydream and enjoy the simple things of life than being greaty.

Abilties-What She Draws comes to life
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