Battle of Gensei RP Registration


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Jan 24, 2006
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Battle for Gensei
RP Registration
In 539 H.E.(Human Era) The population of our world Gensei split into four national groups.

The Camonians from the country of Camon and Malakar, were the most populous. They specialized in warfare. Having millions of humans at there disposal to fight.

The Artarisans, were a people of learning, They were known for there green eyes color, and ability to look into the minds of others. They also were known for there hand to hand combat, and martial arts. They were also the smallest race known to the world.

The Olarans of Olara were a race of magic. Known for their big men and attractive women. They mastered the magic elements. They had the second biggest populations in Gensei. They also have melded their race to Artarisan's.

The last and the less know race, is the Mehume. Not much is know about them except they live secluded somewhere in Galan, which is pretty much uninhabited though charted. They want no contact with the other races.

Then there are the Freelands where every race has found sanctuary from their countries.

Camon has grown to be over a billion people. The King of Camon, Jayson has died and his son has taken his place. Jaiiden has decided secretly to try to conquer the other races of Gensei, to make the Volanians the most power force on Gensei. The ambassadors of the other countries have mentions some peculiarities of King Jaiiden, but know one believe he would start a war. Under pretense of a military exercise, he has his men stationed at the Artarisan border. Everyone knew it was a matter of time. They finally after six months crossed over and made themselves comfortable in the city of Lorelei. This is where the story begins. The solderers has recently put down an uprising over a Artarisan woman being raped. Right now there is a curfew where people have to be inside there homes by dark.

Side(Good or Bad-Camonians are bad as a race but some may be good.):
Appearance(Pictures are accepted):
Magic( Two different elements at the most):
Weapons (As many as a person can carry Ther can be guns, but remember this is a fantasy rp so make it reasonable):

Rule: No Powerplaying unless person asks you too. If you are going to gone for a long time, please get someone to PP your character. If your are gone for good, your will die with honor. If you are gone but you think you will be back, your character will leave to go another way.

This RP is sorta freelanced so you can suggest how we go about things just as long as its not ridiculously ridiculous.

No God moding

I will accept sexual content as long as its PG13ish, we are all adults

This is relaxed, no need to rush.

There will be a summary in this thread for those who might not post alot.

OOC is in this thread

Have FUN!!!!!!!!!

Note: I will occasionally put illustrations in. Might make it a bit interesting.
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