Caijes characters


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Jul 31, 2006
Name: Caiper
Age: 21
Gender: Male


Aura: A sword crafted by the power of ancient age. It is easy to grip and has a powerful attacks. It can hit beasts hard with phisical attacks and slightly increases speed. It measures over a metre long and is black all over except for the handle of it which is silver.

Magi: A Slightly smaller sword crafted by the Magi. It is created by magic and also consumes fire magic. It contains the power of fire. This sword is weak to the element ice . Its handle is white.

Class: Warrior
Race: Magi Descendant.
Appearance: Caiper has blonde hair which just tips off his neck. His eyes are bright blue. His body is built up strongly of small muscles. This is covered by the brown robes he wears which covers his entire body. His sword Aura is always carried by his right hand and Magi is wielded in his left. He wears gloves which are black and boots which are grey.
Caiper, a young explorer who wishs to find out more about his Ancestors, The magi. He searchs old tombs which are very scarce to come by. The tombs are fulled by ancient treasures. This is where Caiper got his famous weapons which are worth alot.
During his first quest Caiper made his way trough a tomb. He searched the boxs and found a diary made by a Magi man called Agustus, he was a researcher of magi and fell to a Omen called Dizazter. Caiper came to learn that the race he was hunting were extinct and he was the soul survivour of the race.
He still searchs for others like him though, Magi's can easily be identified by eachother. As people look into there eyes a conection is made. Magi can identify what people are and where there respect lies and who with.