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Okay, here is where you post your Character’s Profile. I will also post the Profile of any other Characters that might be important in the RP. Okay?

Some one: Okay


Name: Jakie Litith AKA Jake

Age: 17

Grade: Joiner

Appearance: Real World:

Gammer World:

Ability: Whatever she draws comes to life, but the more she draws the more Life Energy she uses up.

Personality: She rubs off as a lonely girl, she always stays by herself and keeps her comments and moods to her self. But she will help out when need be and she loves to laugh.

Bio: She was the middle child of the family, her older brother has left for collage and her perants seem to pay a lot of attention to her younger sister. She let all her stress and worries escape when she plays her video games. Her uncle Lale gave her an old video game before he disappered.

Likes: Cosplay, Games and Cooking

Hates: Work, School and waking up early

- You must also find 'Gammer World' Outfits for your Charater, have fun. Oh and please post your Profile in this thred-

- The RP is in this thread=>
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Hyuuga Neji

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Apr 19, 2006
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Name: Ryu
Age: 16
Grade: junior
Apprance:real world

game world: characters/Edward.png
Ablity: can create or manipulate fire to his hearts content
Personalty: the cool quiet guy who just likes to be alone and hates having his picture taken
Bio: he came across the gamers club when just walking down the street one day and noticed that they had a new game and he thought it looked cool so he walked in
Likes: fire and playing with chemicals to make fire bigger smaller hotter and cooler
Hates: getting his picutre taken, and water

Neo Amon

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Feb 12, 2007
In your soul
Name: Josh King
Game Name: Baulder of the hell gates aka Baulder
Age: 18
Grade: Senior
Appearance: without the wings
Game Appearance: Normal- Demon-
Ability: Demon summon which allows him to summon a random demon to help him in battle, Blood Haze blood of everything around him forms a barrier around him or a person he chooses, and True Form Jake turns into the true form of Baulder and can summon up to 10 demons of the highest caste to help him kill his enemies only downfall is he loses HP and he can't usually tell difference between friend and foe.
Personalty: Dark and yet kind to his friends anyone else is in for pain.
Bio: Jake is a loner but he always seemed to be able to get along with Jake who later on gave him the game that changes his life. Jake is only child who mother and father dumped him with his rich grandmother who tries to control him. Jake usually breaks every rule because it makes him feel happy and like he actually free from his evil grandma.
Likes: Video Games, computers, and mischief
Hates: Most people, school, and his grandma