Hatake Tsutira

Time to meet the poor little emo-ninja. D;

Name: Hatake Tsutira
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Weapons: Kunai and Shuriken.
Appearance: http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a279/PaopuGirl/Role-Play pics/ninjagirl.jpg
Shinobi Rank: Genin
Element: Darkness
Hometown: Kagehagure (Village Hidden in the Shadows)
Personality: Angsty, Independent, Hateful and Vengeful. Since her mother died, and poison was injected into her chakra, her additude completely evolved from being a sweet girl. She used to be more kind while she was younger, but now she became isolated from everyone else, and acts cold and hateful towards everyone. Although she seems harsh and nasty on the outside, she only wants to be loved by others.
Speciality: High Stamina, Defense, and One-Hit Kills.
Abilities: Basic Alchemy and Automatic Healing.


Kadou Kumori No Jutsu (Shadow Vortex: Ninjutsu) -The user unites the shadows around himself, then creates a mid-sized black hole. It completely absorbs the user's opponent, and drains all of their chakra. Then, they are spat from out of the vortex, and left motionless.

Shinzui Dageki No Jutsu (Spirit Cleve: Taijutsu) -While in combat, the user can charge up a bit of their chakra either into their arms or legs. The user then leaps high into the air, unleashing a devestating physical attack by shooting out a small shockwave from their arms and/or feet towards the chosen opponent.

Terepo-to No Jutsu (Art of Teleportation: Ninjutsu/Genjutsu) -Enables to let the user to use the shadows in order to change their location. Yet, it still gives a shadowy image of him/her, leaving their opponent(s) in confusion of where the user really is. This jutsu was created by Hatake Tsutira.

Chidori (Lightning Edge: Special Ninjutsu) -The user of this jutsu can use an immense containment of chakra, so much that it is clearly visible, letting out streaks of lightning from the user's palm. For Tsutira, the Chidori is black and purple. This is a very powerful jutsu created by Hatake Kakashi, and he had taught her this when she was only seven years old.

Kumori Kiba No Jutsu (Shadow Fang: Taijutsu) -Tsutira created this jutsu, and is the only one that is able to master it. She charges chakra around her body, so much that it gives out a dark green aura. It then takes the shape of large fangs around her arms. She can use this for a physical advantage in combat.

Suro-Kaen No Jutsu (Art of the Dark Flamethrower: Ninjutsu) -Enables the user to create a large shield of black flames around them. If an enemy is too close, than it will implode around them, doing fatal damage towards them. This jutsu was also created by Tsutira, and a few other shinobi have attempted to try it.

Kuro Kiri No Jutsu (Dark Mist: Special Ninjutsu) -Tsutira is the only one that has been able to master this jutsu. It lets the user absorb the shadows ejecting from objects, then it covers the entire area with a dark mist. It it almost impossible to see through it.

Chiyo-Tejina Kumori (Mystic Shadow Healing: Ninjutsu) Allows the user to drain the shadows from around them, then it enters their body, and goes into their wounds. The wounds then quickly close up, and all that is left is the blood that was shed. This jutsu is automatic, and happens within seconds.

Kumori Omega (Omega Shadow Spirit: Special Trait) A dark being is kept inside of Tsutira, and it's not even known to her what it is. The Hokage has said that it is actually a force of evil, or a 'curse' that had been placed upon her by fate. It can do magnificent things....or it could do terrible tasks. It all depends on her deepest ambitions. If she isn't deeply upset or angered, then it will stay at peace. It hasn't been activated yet, so know one really knows what it is capable of. It first entered her body when the Atazuki had attacked her home. The beast within Tsutira is deadly, and is rumored to be stronger than the demonic nine-tailed fox. The Hokage has developed an assasin group of elite ninjas to kill her if the monster fully unleashes itself.

Summon: Kamajai (Kah-maj-eye)- The Wolf Demon

Tsutira is the only child of Hatake Kakashi, and the grandaughter of the famous "White Fang". At a very early age, her house hd been attacked by men from a deadly group called the Atazuki.
They were hunting down Tsutira's father, a high-classed ANBU shinobi. When the handful of elite ninja arrived at her house, they destroyed practically everything in their wake. They searched through out the entire house, looking for Kakashi. But -- he was nowhere to be found.

Tsutira and her mother immediatly hid upstairs, not having anyone to protect them from these bloodlusting assasins. After they were finished searching on the first story of the house, the group acended up towards the second floor.
Without hesitation, they threw objects to the ground, and kicked down a few doors of the house savagely.
When they arrived into the room that Tsutira and her mother were, one of the men walked up to them. Readying his sharp katana, he picked the woman up by her shirt, the blade gently placed at her throat.

"Where is Hatake Kakashi?" The young man spoke in a rough, merciless voice. It really wasn't even a man....it was actually a boy. Not much older than Tsutira, actually. From the looks of it....he was about nine years old; three years older than she. Staring right into the eyes of the boy, Tsutira's mother let her tears well up in her eyes. Refusing to cooperate, she didn't make a sound, and looked over at her daughter. Faintly, she whispered,
"I love you". Merely a second after the words slipped from her mouth, she was killed immediatly.
"Mommy!" Tsutira called out to her fallen mother, and the boy who had just slain her turned over to Tsutira. His eyes were filled with power....almost a demonic aura sprouting within them. "Why...?" She looked up at the boy with sadness, and he plunged the same bloody katana into her back. For the past month, Tsutira's mother had been very ill. With a poisonous disease -- an unknown one, at that. And, her blood had just been mixed into that of her's.

Weirdly, the poison seperated from the blood, and ran through Tsutira's flow of chakra. The poison gave her new powers. That far surpassing any child's, and many wouldn't doubt that it rose up to the full extent of the Nine-Tailed Fox's that had been harassing the Fire Nation for many years.
Suddenly, the chakra became visible all around her body, and the wound through her back was instantly healed. She stood back up, at the chakra seemed to take the transparent shape of blades. The blades sliced through the men, and left them dead. The only trouble was....the boy who had killed her mother had already escaped. So, from that day forth, Tsutira was granted the name of the "Cursed Fang."

That entire year, and the one before, Kakashi began to train Tsutira, to become stronger; and to learn to control the beast that was now trapped inside of Tsutira. That was really the only time that Tsutira was able to spend with her father. Since he was a high-classed Jounin now, he was busy with significant missions.
But, it seemed that Kakashi was having to travel very long distances from Kagehagure to the villages in the Fire Nation. So, after much thought, Kakashi moved to the village of Konohagure.
He didn't want his daughter to be alone the entire time, since he would be busy training teams, and he wouldn't be able to take care of her. As another downside, his enemies would try to hurt her, so he had no choice. He left Tsutira in Kagehagure with a brilliant and kind kounochi by the name of Nagori.

She was a medical Jounin, who was the second medical ninja to ever work on the field. But, what Tsutira didn't know -- was that Nagori was also an ANBU shinobi, just like her father. That's the only way how they knew eachother.
To Nagori, she was living a double-sided life. One half was taking care of Kakashi's daughter and making sure her powers weren't to harm anyone. The other life of her's was serving right under the Hokage, performing deadly tasks, and gathering classified information. It was better not to tell her, though. She didn't want to worry the child. As Tsutira's guardian, she seemed to just be any normal parent towards her. So, the girl didn't have any suspicions.

Finally, when living with Nagori for three weeks, she decided to talk. She was still phased from her past, and wasn't able to shake her mother's death out of her mind.
Only being seven years old now, she was being very mature to stay calm. Now, she was going to start opening up to others.
Even though the townsfolk rejected her from her unhumanly powers -- she always seemed to be kind, and have faith in the future. She decided it was time to stop dwelling in the past. She had a question that she had wanted to be answered for months, now. She meant to ask her father, but he had left to another village. It seemed now that Nagori was the only person she could talk to.

"N-nagori-chan..." She spoke quietly, then cleared her voice. "Why does....being alone....hurt so much?" She asked, staring up at her guardian as a silent moment passed. Nagori thought about her question, realizing why she would ask such a thing. Tsutira had been so alone for the past year, now.
The villagers ignored and ridiculed her. Most of the children would tease her, and call her names. It felt like emotional torture...to be a monster, as they called her. She hated herself for that. She started staying in the house the entire day, even skipping meals sometimes. She just wished time would pass by faster....and that she would be able to see her father once more.
"You mean...you want love, Tsutira?" Nagori knelt down infront of Tsutira, managing a slight smile as she stared into the girl's lonely, blue eyes.
"Why...." Anger began to take over her depression as she looked back over at Nagori, "Why...does everyone hate me?"
After a brief silence, Nagori hugged the troubled girl gently, and a look of surprise filled Tsutira's face. "No one hates you...No one..." She smiled again, and looked back up at the girl's face. "Infact, Tsutira....I love you very much."


Tsutira hadn't heard that from anyone since the moment her mother was killed. Was it true? Did this woman really love her? Speechless for words, Tsutira quickly hugged Nagori back, and a true smile finally came to her face the first time in a year.
About a week or so later, Tsutira had slightly gained back her confidence.

Early in the morning, she decided to go outside and spend some time over at the nearby playground. Not many people were outside at this time of day, so she thought it would be a bit more safe to go outside without people around. As she arrived at the small park, she went over to the pair of swings, and she slowly rocked back and forth in the wooden seat, watching as birds flew by, and the sun finally rise to its brightest, illuminating the day.
She thought she was finally at peace, untill a small group of kids came runing towards the playground.
Why were they up so early? Did they like making her feel miserable? They arrived at the park with rocks held tightly in thier palms. 'Not again....' She thought, slowly getting off of the wooden swing, and heading out of the area.

"Hey! It's the freak!" One of the boys in the group called out, rudely pointing at her. The kids began to laugh, and one of them tossed a rock right at her forehead, and it struck hard. Blood began to drip down her face, but weirdly, the wound had healed.
By the time it did, Tsutira was already running as fast as she could through the small village. As soon as she was out of breath, she had arrived at a dead end.
From a close distance, she could hear the same boy yell, "Get her!" She became afraid as they cornered her like a lone dog, surrounded by a pack of hungry wolves.

"Get away!" She shouted, clenching her fists. Being as annoying as they were, they ignored her, and pelted the rocks at her. One by one, the pebbles hit their target, and the wounds only dissappeared. What was happening to her?
"Stop!" Anger began to rise in her tone, and she caught an incoming rock with her bare hand. Suddenly, her pure, blue eyes had turned into deadly golden ones. "...It's time for you to be afraid...." She spoke in a rusty tone, much unlike hers.
A dark chakra began to surround her, and took the shape of spears.
They struck the kids at the speed of a raging bullet, and they all fell to the ground, blood covering the alleyway, and crimson blotches scattered on parts of Tsutira's clothes.
After the kill, her eyes reverted to their normal state, and she had finally realised what she had done. With much haste, she raced back to her house, fearing that the worst would come. Was she really.....a monster?

When she finally reached her house, Nagori was beginning to prepare breakfast. She could tell Tsutira was opening the door, so she asked, "Where've you been so early in the day?" She asked, putting a few slices of bread into the toaster.
As she turned over to Tsutira, she stared at her in shock as she saw the enormous amount of blood all over her clothes. She dropped everything she was holding, and rushed over to her.
"Oh my - Tsutira! A-are you okay?!" She asked worriedly, using the paper towel she was holding to clean off the all the blood she could.
"I didn't mean to! It wasn't my fault!" The girl spoke with guilt, hoping that her guardian wouldn't hate her for her actions, like everyone else did. "I'm sorry! I really am!" She began to cry, still not telling Nagori what had happened. But, her caretaker had already guessed. This blood wasn't hers....it was someone else's.

"Tsutira..." She began to back up from the girl, fear of what she had done.
"You....y-you hate me.." Tsutira spoke sadly, her tears only flowing faster. Yet, Nagori didn't respond. She was at a loss for words. She didn't want to know who would be this girl's next victim.
"You said you didn't! You said no one hated me!" Her sobs grew louder, and the dark chakra began to rise again. It started to creep towards Nagori, but only grazing the sides of her limbs. She managed to dodge the blows, and she instantly vanished. Tsutira, turning back to her normal state, was now filled with despair. Why was she the one to be cursed in such a way?
Then, she could feel two, warm arms wrap around her. She knew exactly who it was. The woman who she had just attacked was still showing forgiveness towards her. Tsutira thought she was lucky....to have someone like her around.

The night after, Tsutira was silently sitting uptop the flat roof of her home. The only thing able to be heard was the faint chirp of the crickets hidden within the bushes, and the leaves swaying in the calm winds.
The stars were brightly lit, and the moon was full. What Tsutira didn't know, was that her power rose to its full extent on the night of a full moon. For, exactly one year ago, was when Tsutira obtained her deadly powers.

"I wonder if i'll see Daddy again..." She whispered to herself, suddenly hearing an abrupt ruffling in the nearby tree behind her. She turned around, wondering what the cause of the sound could be. But, as soon as she turned around, a katana struck her right in the back. Quickly, she fell to the ground, not being able to see the face of the figure. The person was clothed in the uniform of an ANBU shinobi, and the shadows seemed to cover their face.
"I'm sorry." The figure spoke, withdrawing the blade. Only to her dismay -- the young girl got up, her eyes a piercing yellow. As the young girl saw the face of her attempted killer, her emotional pain far surpassed that of her physical.
For, that face of the ANBU was the one person she had left to care for.....Nagori. "You're a liar." She spoke in a demonic, two-toned voice. The beast within her was now entirely intertwined with her heart and will. The wound in her back seemingly dispersed, and she was in full power. The moon granted her to do almost anything imaginable.

"Why....?" The girl spoke, her chakra solidifying into a stone hand, which bound around Nagori's neck, raising her up into the air.
"I-it's...because..." She tried to gather air into her lungs, but it was useless. "...you're...a...a monster...." She finished, and Tsutira immediatly dropped her onto the ground below. Her eyes widened with sadness, and tears began to well up in her eyes as she leapt off of the rooftop, and stood right beside one of the only people she had ever cared for. "No....it's not me...it's you!" She readied her blades of chakra, staring into Nagori's eyes as they began to fill with guilt.

"It's you! YOU'RE THE MONSTER!" She yelled with tremendous anger, plunging the blade right through her heart, then left the village forever.

Tsutira didn't have much left to do, now. There were only two things she was left to exist for. First; she needed to find her father -- Hatake Kakashi. She hadn't heard anything from him in six years, so there was a slim chance that he even was alive. He could've moved to a different village...there were many possibilites why she would never find him. That didn't stop her, though. She wasn't granted the name "Cursed Fang" for nothing.
She was strong enough to defeat any enemy that got in her way, but questioning them on her father's whereabouts, at first.
Then, that lead to Tsutira's second goal : gaining revenge over the one person who took away everything she had, and entirely destroyed her life. That boy who gave her the darkness within her so many years ago.....Uchiha Normatsu. She swore she would do everything in her power to find them, and kill anyone who gets in her way.

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This is the character i've been using for Naruto Role-plays. I've had this template for a few months now, and I added a few touches to the biography earlier today. Not one of my oldest characters, but this is by far my favorite one. :]