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Apr 19, 2006
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It's just so boreing today I decided to make an rp character.

NAME: Uchiha Kaze (is also from the hyuuga clan)
SEX: Male
WEAPONS:Kunai, shuriken, 4 demon windmill shuriken, and a katana
HOME: traveler (no set home since the village was burned to the ground)
PERSONALITY: Independent, he never likes to work with others. He only went to the ninja academy to become stronger and learn how to mold and controll his chakra. His entire family was killed off by Orochimaru so kaze is eager to become strong enough to kill him.
i finaly have a pic, RPGirl drew it for me cause my scanner wasn't working

ABILITIES: he can attach a windmill shuriken to a thing on his back and use his chakra to rotate it so fast it allows him to fly. Kaze has a natural abilitiy to move so fast he cannot be seen or heared as he moves at nearly twice the speed of light.Kaze can do anything neji and sasuke could but twice as fast/strong/etc... Kaze also has the ability to manipulate rock. (kind of like Gaara but it's not automatic)

JUTSUS: kaze can preform any jutsu that sasuke and neji can but with twice the power. kaze also has five of his own jutsus.

Ninja Art: Earth Style: Rock Tunal Jutsu : kaze uses this jutsu to make escape tunals in the ground, mountains, hills, and anything made of rock, however it uses more chakra the faster the tunnal is made.

Summoning jutsu: kaze only knows one summon and it summons a large wolf that is big enough to ride like a horse but it breaths fire.

Barikugan: an eye jutsu with all of the powers of the sharingan and the byakugan it has veins poping out like the byakugan, and a light blue sharingan eye.

Ruby oblivion: kaze's whole body glows red and he gains three times as much power, however this jutsu uses a lot of chakra , so much that if the jutsu is used for too long it will kill you, and is only used as a last resort. Sometimes kaze will just use enough chakra for his fists or just transfer the power into his weapons alowing him to cut through any substance.

Emerald Flame:a basic healing jutsu that heals Kaze almost instantly. (the disciption is as the names says it's basicly kaze egniting in emerald colored flames and they disapear when kaze is healed)

BIO: Kaze is the youngest jounin in his village ever and has never failed a mission in his life. Kaze has always had a natural ability to preform every jutsu he sees and some times see through various objects . Kaze never knew his parents so he lived on the streets of his village stealing things he needed to survive. He plans on becomeing the 4th legendary sanin.
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