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Jun 1, 2006
Name: Nova Inochi Shin
Age: 15,023 (appears 19)
Race: Ultainian
Gender: Male
Height: 6'7''
Weight: 280 lbs (built)
Eyes: Silver with a small golden outline
Alignment: Neutral
Appearance: Nova has shining white hair, and wears a black headband around his forehead. On the front of the headband lies a symbol of a yin-yang. The excess of the black headband hangs down to his lower back.. Around his hands and wrists he wears bandages strapped around them. He wears a white shirt with torn off sleeves, and a black vest over that. Nova has black baggy pants with white chains on them, and are held up by a white belt with a two dragon yin-yang combo as a buckle. On the back of his vest, is the same decoration as his belt buckle, a white and silver dragon flowing along with a black and gold dragon, that looks like a yin-yang. He also wears the bandages around his ankles/ lower legs.. His shoes go over his regular white socks, and they are alternating black and white vans.(shoe brand)
Weapons and Armor
- The Master Blade, or Yang= Is an ancient longsword of his ancestor Ultainians. It's a long blade that reaches in full height, to about Nova's shoulder. The hilt of it is a black color, with a white and silvery dragon design on it. On the blade itself lies ancient writing of the Ultainians that roughly translates into this in English: "One will conquer the light in total mastery."
- Blade of Masters, or Yin = is also an ancient blade, however it's a katana forged by his ancestors, it's length is not too far from the Longsword's and is used for more quick and precise slashing. The hilt of this blade is white with a black and gold dragon design on it. The blade holds more words on it like the longsword. "One will conquer the darkness in total mastery."
- Extra Note.. While in Shining Nova form, the words on the blades this: "One will mold dark and light into one, to utilize what it means to understand light and dark." And both are unbreakable.
-Ki and chi mastery (much like DBZ, only consider him to be way more advanced with it.)
- Nova's attributes I.E. : Strength, Speed, Agility, Defense, Stamina, and Reflexes) Are way beyond that of Superhuman level.
- His energy moves are coded with a light and dark element type, which is also added with the lightning attribute.
- Many things spin off from his Ki techniques(again kinda like DBZ...but in a different way..) He can fly, move fast(duh speed) shoot energy, etc.
- The energy source of his power, delves from his feelings and emotion, as well as his spirit and determination.
- Immunities from being stopped in time, instant kill techniques, mind control, and energy absorption(no one can steal his energy because it's coded with a different signature, being that it has light, dark and lightning as one..)
- Having lightning in him allows him to move things magnetically..
- Form Sync with Gentle Master. This allows him to become Gentle master, and still use his Other forms, in it.
Signature Moves/Forms:
- Final Nova (Signature Finishing Move)
+ Final Nova is a last ditch effort to put the opponent down for the count. This is the description: Nova will stance himself and close his eyes. He has to concentrate all of his energy, into one flow and then let it come out in a blast of light, dark and lightning collage. At this point he will pull out his longsword and dash in to his opponent and lock them in a binding state, using half of his lightning energy to keep them from moving. From there he lifts them into the air with an inhuman kick and then follows them in the air. Upon reaching them, he will begin a slash fest containing about 100 slashes, and draining his light energy to about half. (Each slash drains their physical energy and stamina. It doesn't actually slice them, which is weird and cool.. XD) After this point Nova will backhand them sending them towards the ground and will "seemingly" teleport behind them, when he really just uses his speed to get there, and sheathe his longsword and pull out his Katana, he will stop them in midair and then begin slashing away at them with the Katana doing about 100 slashes and draining his dark energy to it's half point. (again each slash doesn't actually slash them, but this time it cuts down on their chi/ki energy and their mental sanity level.) When he reaches this point he slams his foot into them sending them flying into the ground. When the opponent hits the ground Nova puts the katana in his right hand and pulls his longsword with his left hand. The letters on the blades will glow and start to "come out". A white and silver dragon will appear around his left arm, while a black and gold dragon will appear around his right arm. Both dragons will be surrounded with lightning as he pumps out the last of his energy into an actual physical and energy move. When the energy is pumped out, Nova will dive down to the ground with his arms and blades extended and slam everything, energy and all into the opponent. The result: Nova is left energyless and barely able to stand, while the oppoenent is either dead or in the same condition.
- Shining Nova (Form)
+ The Shining Nova, is an avatar state filled with energy that, when completed, will surround Nova's energy into one, and he will be engulfed with silver energy. Nova will extend his arms to his sides and raise them so they are half way raised. On his left arm a white line will form into a ball on his left palm, while a black line will form into a ball on his right palm. When both are into complete orbs, Nova will rush his hands together, in an attempt to combine them, however they will push away from each other, like magnets, and the more powerful each side is, light and dark, the harder it is to do this...When he finally manages to get them into one... then he becomes Shining Nova. While in this form, his energy flows flawlessly and his already superhuman attributes become even higher.
- Yin Yang Blast
+ (This is an equivalent to Goku's Kamehameha only in the fact that it's his most used blast move...) Nova will pull back his hands (like Goku in Kamehameha) and start to form a blast, only when the ball forms it will look like a yin-yang, because his left hand draws out light energy into it, while his right hand draws the dark energy. When the blast shoots forward it looks like a black and white beam.
- Wrath of Nova
+ Nova will cover his eyes with his bandana and the sense the atmosphere..Nova takes the protrons and electrons from the atmosphere and from his own lightning and mixes them. This move is when he is low on energy, as it is more of a physical attack. Nova unwraps the bandages around his wrists and lets the lightning flow. He rushes into the opponents as a pure berserker...and begins an all out slam fest on them, punching every open spot he can get at, and as he does, the lightning is added to his punches.. light and dark and all.
- Sync (with Angel)
+ Nova will sync his mind with Angel's to let their attacks, thoughts and energy flow as one. This is an easy process for him..
- Angel's Close Call
+ Nova steps in for a small bit on this move, once he hears the angelic whistle he will appear right as Angel is about to hit the ground, and catch her in his arms. He will set her down gently and then look up at the opponent in anger yelling, "HOW DARE YOU DO THAT TO ANGEL! YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!!!" Nova will dash using his speed, and seemingly appear right in front of the enemy, and using all of his powers without giving warning to pound away at the opponents defenses..
-Gentle Fist Style (form)
+Nova will alter his appearance into a female, changing his entire body, and style of fighting... (see below for more...)
Nova is kind, soft, caring, strongwilled, determined, and goal oriented. He won't let something come in the way of a goal/mission, and he won't back down from a challenge, and will do anything to stop those who oppose him, (just evil.. he's only neutral because of the dark energy..His alignment is really good..)

History/Biography/Background: (okay here goes..)
Nova was born on the planet Ultainia. The Ultainians are a peaceful race, with only three known born warriors on it. They keep away from wars and such, being as how they cannot fight offensively, however they can use energy to protect and teleport their planet... Anyways.. Nova was raised on a planet called Terra, because Ultainia was teleported away and his parents wanted him to become a strong warrior. He was raised on Terra by foster parents who raised him to be a warrior, he hit the age of 13 and became a dark warrior, who would kill those around him. A small amount of time passed until he met Kiria a young elf. She helped him discover that what he was doing was wrong, and he promised to atone for his sins, by becoming an Elder. Nova went to a planet called RitaMaar and met with a boy called Kai, Kai left his home after a small almost fatal confrontation with the emperor..and went with Nova back to Terra. Nova fought with many demons that infested Terra, and then finally met with Lucifer, king of the demons, after losing to him, watching Kiria being tortured and then seeing his foster father die to Lucifer, Nova was enraged and figured out how to do the Shining Nova technique. He used it to heal Kiria and escape from HELL. Nova found himself on a path to learn how to control the light and dark inside him, after doing this he had sought out the Elders.. and had taken the place as Lead Elder, where his foster father had been. Nova vowed to use his newfound powers for good. He meditated for 7,000 years and then trained for another 7,000 years with Kai, in the path of Lead Elder. When he emerged he made a final confrontation Lucifer.. killing him. Nova had finally cleared Terra of the demon infestation, or so he thought.

During the training time he had found out that his ancestor, Chrono was really the light side of himself. So he merged with him and released the power within him, balancing out the light and dark powers.. Nova split with Kai after this, and spent the last 1,000 years making sure that Terra was safe. On the day of the 1,000th year mark he was visited by a stranger in a white cloak. This stranger took Nova to a planet that Nova learned to be Ultainia, and learned that he was one.. Which is why his body never aged past 19 because that's when he fell in love with Kiria.. Nova took Kiria in and had prepared to make her an Ultainian with him, but found out that she was already indeed an Ultainian. Her true form was revealed and her appearanced head changed. Now he lives with her, and takes his duty as an Ultainian Elder, checking on the galaxy.

Side Notes:

Elder: A group of about 10 people who have proven themselves worthy to become an overseer of the galaxies. Upon becoming an Elder one's own power will be multiplied several times over and their true power will become known to them. Usually seen in long black cloaks that have special insignias on them.

Ultainian: One of this race would normally be a peaceful person, and not having any kind of offensive powers at all. When an Ultainian finds their true love they will stop aging at that age, and have the opportunity of making their true love, if they are not already, an Ultainian..
Characteristics of an ultanian, usually have silver and golden eyes, with white or silver hair. However when born as a WARRIOR, in this race you will have exceptional power, that needs to be awakened and utilized.

Gentle Fist form

Name: Nova Inochi Shin
Age: 15,023 (appears 19)
Race: Ultainian
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 130 lbs
Eyes: Silver with a small golden outline
Alignment: Good
Appearance: In this form Nova's clothes are different (obviouslyXD). While she wears the normal undergarments of a girl, her clothes do not change much. She still has white hair, but it is longer, and the headband she wears in her male form, is pulled down over her eyes unless she decides to reveal them. Over her upper torso undergarment, she wears a white longsleeve shirt with a black shortsleeve shirt over it. Her pants are the same style only smaller to fit her different frame, and she wears the same style shoes. Her hair is not dramatically long, just to her shoulders in length.
Weapons and Armor:
- Bo Staff of the Gentle Master
+ This Bo Staff is the fusion of the Swords in Nova's male form. It glows with light and dark energy, and is a masterful tool in assissting her style..It is unbreakable, and has both of the dragonic designs of Nova's male form blades, crawling around the middle of it.
-Ki and chi mastery (much like DBZ, only consider her to be way more advanced with it.)
- Nova's attributes I.E. : Strength, Speed, Agility, Defense, Stamina, and Reflexes) Are way beyond that of Superhuman level.
- Her energy moves are coded with a light and dark element type, which is also added with the lightning attribute.
- Many things spin off from her Ki techniques(again kinda like DBZ...but in a different way..) She can fly, move fast(duh speed) shoot energy, etc.
- The energy source of her power, delves from her feelings and emotion, as well as her spirit and determination.
- Immunities from being stopped in time, instant kill techniques, mind control, and energy absorption(no one can steal his energy because it's coded with a different signature, being that it has light, dark and lightning as one..)
- Having lightning in her allows her to move metallic things magnetically..
Signature Moves/Forms:
- Shining Nova
+ Nova will extend her hands and rotate them once in a Yin-yang fashion and then bring her hands to her chest..letting her gentleness flow as the light and dark energy inside of her, mix into one and explode with power around her. Her eyes will turn silver and her hair is given a sparkly glow with it. In this form, her power is intensified.. greatly, and her tactics are quite intelligent.
- Silent Whispers
+ This move is a calming one, Nova moves her hands to her mouth and then speaks something into them, a glow will emanate from the fingers as she moves them to her chest. She places her hands on her chest right above her heart and lets the words esper off her tongue. The whispers will surround her enemies and cloud their judgement as she rushes in beginning a smackdown with her Bo Staff. But she cannot be heard and without the enemies knowledge, will disable their nerve system by nailing their vital spots.
- Gentle Barrage
+ Her most treasured move. The Gentle Barrage, starts off with her holding the Bo Staff close to her body, and letting her innocent soul soar high into the heavens, as she does, a ray of light encases her as a gentle harmonious and angelic music plays, it will rise her into the air and then a black column of energy coming from below will rise into the white one and create a silver mastery form. Her features will sparkle with a silvery glow as her beauty flows like a legendary angel. She will strap her Bo Staff to her back and dash down to the opponent, while making her wrists bend outwards. With both of her hands like this she will slam her open palmed wrist into the opponents chest, and start a 13 hit combo, after those thirteen hits she will phase shift from the front of them to the back of them. Once again she will slam her hands into them in a 13 hit combo. At this point she will begin to flow all around the opponent at a high speed slamming them as she goes around them, dodging accordingly. After she wears them down, she will pull out her Bo Staff and then start to attack them in a masterful flow with precise attacks and concentrated power. After a gigantic flow of hurling the opponent in the air and smacking them around like a rag doll, she will teleport into the front of the opponent and then backhand them sending them into the ground.
- Angelic Embrace
+ A mystical power, once thought to be able to raise the recently deceased. If it's powerful enough, the emotions of her tears can heal newly deceased people as long as their souls remain there. Mostly though it acts like a phoenix tear and will heal wounds, as well as restore energy..Her pain will help others..
Personality: In this form, Nova literally changes mentally as well as physically. She is kind, caring, soft, gentle, and will always stand next to a friend. She will step forward for anyone of them, and is really bold. She loves to have fun and hang out with her friends, as her mind is totally different than before. She lives, breathes, acts, and thinks femininely.
History/Biography/Background: Nova was stuck in this form, for 1,000 years. She and Kai were in the middle of their training when they had run in with some nasty people of another race. They captured Nova, as she had let Kai escape so he could warn the others and build a fortitude. The people told Kai that if he chased after, that they would kill Nova right on the spot. Kai had reluctantly agreed, as they also said that by taking Nova they would leave the planets around here alone. Kai also only agreed because Nova had run up to him begging him to let them take her. Tears had run down her face, letting Kai see the other side of his faithful friend. It had reached to him and he agreed. These new people took Nova far away to their planet, not knowing who she really was. They had been in search of a female, for their ambitions. When Nova learned that she was going to be a sacrifice, she had begun to spend alot of nights crying, fearing for once in her life, that she was going to die. It reached out to the people and they had noticed that more and more of their race felt that they were doing wrong..

Nova had helped them see the light, and for thanks they helped her attain some more powers as well, as teaching her how to fight better, and grace those around her at the same time. She didn't have the heart to tell them who she really was. After spending 1000 years with them, she had learned so much in fighting and feelings, that she felt like a whole new person. On the day of her departure, the princess of those lands came up to her. She had told Nova that the secret to changing back lied within her own heart.. And then let Nova leave thinking about that. Nova was finally returning home.. He returned to Terra seeking out Kai. She found him waiting for her near a peaceful hot spring where they relaxed and caught up with the details of the past 1,000 years. The next day Nova felt the words of the princess, and concentrated on Kiria, her male form's sweetheart. The feelings of Kiria flowed through her mind and she was able to return to the male Nova..
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