Ri Tatin


One Name. One Legend.
May 3, 2006
Rings of Naglifar
Still unfinished.

I. Who?

Name: Ri Tatin
Alias: Overlord
Age: Appears 22
Gender: Male
Race: Ascended Human
Occupation: Wanderer
Date of Birth: Unknown.
Place of Birth: Unknown.
Alignment: Himself.
Martial Status: Single

II. Appearance

Facial Complexion:
Upon looking at Ri, the first thing one notices is that of his eyes. Shaped like an almond, his eyes are a bit unique compared to everyone else. They have a dark crimson pupil with a black ring around them. They sit in a normal place on top of his mid-cheekbone. Above his eyes are his darkened black eyebrows. They are high-arched where the peak is toward the end of the brow. Looking to the left and right of Ri, one can see the rounded ears that are smaller compared to the rest of his facial features. His lips are a light red color, almost a faint pink. Yet, the interesting thing is the fact that he never changes facial expressions. It is always a stern look. His chin is defined.

His hair color is jet black in a messy type of style. He rather just has it flail in the wind when he walks or moves. It descends to the tip of his eyebrows. He holds no facial hair, so this patch atop his head is all he has.

Approximately 6’0”, Ri only weighs 173 Lbs of pure muscle. It may not seem much, but it is really significant in his upper body and legs. Upon standing without a shirt, Ri’s muscular appearance can be seen. His overall build is that for speed and maneuvers. His body seems to be tanned from the sun, but it also seems to be well built. It has a leathery type feel from multiple scar layers. His arm length is proportional to his body, but his legs are slightly longer than average. He also is ambidextrous.

III. Armor

Tryker Suit
Type: Leather Armor
Position: Covers the front and back and legs
Properties: A vest that amplifies the strength of Ri more than the gloves. It seems that it is attached through a magical bond as well, allowing it to not be removed. They are made of nylon material.
Appearance: Black and is much like a normal suit of leather armor. It has rounded shoulder pads with different designs on them. They appear etched. The padding is crisscrossed shaped over a tight gray shirt. Attached to the bottom of the padding is that of a long piece of tapestry. The design is that similar to the insignias on the glove. The leggings descend to the top of the boots, in which they become skin tight. The pants are dark black with a bit of padding in the front.

Name: Tryker Cape
Type: Hooded Cape
Position: Neck down to lower feet.
Properties: The cape is made of silk, but it has a special property. The cape amplifies the speed of Ri, making him faster than before.
Appearance: The cape's hood covers Ri's head. Two small straps criss cross below the neck. The cape itself is tucked into the shoulder pads of the armor, so it can't be removed. The tip of the cape is tattered and flails differently in the wind.

IV. Weaponry

Name: Doleo – “Suffer Pain”
Type: Glove
Position: The glove extends from the forearm to just past the tip of the knuckles.
Properties: Allowing amplification of speed and strength in the upper body, Doleo is a force to be messed with. The extended tip is easily bent and able to take the form of the fist. Inside the glove is that of three small poles, each spreading itself equally about the glove (Top and sides). These poles are able to withstand being crushed and sliced. It was said that they could even block bullets. The poles themselves are about an inch wide. The gloves are used as a primary defense and a devastating offense due to the amplified speed and strength. It was also stated that they neglect all magic if they are struck with it.
Appearance: The gloves themselves are black and are open towards the back of the forearm while skin tight towards the hand. The inside of the glove is laced with silk and allows for it to be attached directly with the hand. It has layers extending backwards, looking as though they stack atop each other. On the back of the hand is that of a small emblem. It appears like a chopped up square.

Name: Excrucio – “Torment”
Type: Boots
Position: The boots extend from the mid-shin level to the feet.
Properties: Allowing amplification of speed and strength in the lower body, Doleo is like its upper body amplifier. Inside the boot, like the glove, is that of three small poles, each spreading itself equally about the glove (Top and sides). These poles contain the same properties as the glove-hands poles. Unlike the gloves, though, the boots channel energy from the earth into them and through the body, allowing the use of Earth. It was also stated that they neglect all magic if they are struck with it.
Appearance: The boots are black as well, but appear with no straps on them at all. The webbing inside the boot also attaches the leg with the boot. Small spikes seem to extend from the back of Excrucio for dangerous blows from downward thrusts of the boots. Combined with the poles, the boots would penetrate bones if the opponent is hit with the spikes.

V. Martial Arts

Singultus: Meaning “Death”, this technique is the most basic and yet complex move Ri knows. It involves many kicks and punches, and is very hard to master. However, once you have, you will laugh at how easy you see it when you use it. Basically, the style picks multiple points at once on the body and uses fast blows to attack them. While the opponent is focusing on this, an unknown kick may occur to knock the opponent off his feet. Upon doing this, chances are the place where the kick was done is where the opponent has a shatter bone.

Terminus Est: Meaning “This is the End”, the technique is a more well rounded fighting style. It incorporates more speed than strength and also relies on the enemy’s errors in order to be great counter-style. It involves many kicks instead of punches, but it seems to have an effect to throw off the opponent. Combined with the inexpugnabilis style it is a devastating technique.

Meaning “Unconquerable”, this technique is almost exactly like the Terminus Est style. The only two differences between to the two styles are that the Inexpungnabilis style is used with the hands rather than the legs AND it incorporates a stronger force. It relies more of a finishing move than a technique, but if used in a sequence it is a dangerous adversary. It basically shatters the bone upon contact using vital points in the bone. To counter it from shattering (Not using shields or barriers), the opponent must somehow dampen the blow or dodge it completely. The second part is highly unlikely since the opponent will be unbalanced when the style is used.

Munimentum : Literally meaning “Defense”, the name lives up for it all. Incorporating many blocks and parry’s when on the defense, munimentum is hard to get passed. It involves many movements and long periods to study it. It also tries to throw off the opponent and make the tides turn. It may also be used to drain the energy of the opponent and make them vulnerable for intense attacks.

VII. Abilities


Having some telepathy available, Ri achieved this in isolation and upon being revived. He could “sense” what people were thinking and was able to communicate through their minds. It also allows him to be immune to telepathic abilities from other people, since his mind would cancel out theirs.

Celestial abilities Ri managed to achieve through the void. These abilities are the power to open gateways between time and space, allowing transportation anywhere at anytime. Upon transferring area, a gateway appears along with a giant shrieking sound. It was also noted that he was able to summon forth things from other realms through these portals. The only downside is the fact that these portals drain 1/10 of his energy each time used.

VIII. Personality

He tends to be cynical and sharp about things. Always watching and scanning while calculating what he will do next makes him for a unique individual. He rarely ever taunts unless the opponent is at his mercy. On the opposite note, his tendency to give people mercy is what is unique. Even though he is resurrected, he has seen the depths of the other world. He rather not have people experience that if they beg for their lives.

IX. Biography

“Let me tell you a story, children.

Ri, or so he was called, was born as a regular person, yet it was unknown when. His exact day was unknown as well. Being born into a regular family, no one thought much of the young boy besides a basic farm-hand. It was as though he was just another spec in a static stream. His mother was that of the damsel of the land while his father was a high-ranking worker. Typical children at this time wanted to grow old and support their families. And this is what separated Ri from the rest of the world.

Starting at a young age, Ri was always looking out for his own neck instead of others. Upon learning to talk, he would immediately start to persuade people in order to get what he wanted, no matter what the cost. His family still was proud at him for accomplishing such a feat of fine verbal skills, but to Ri it was something to benefit from. Yet, underneath this evil youngling, his love for his family was strong at heart. He rarely tried to take advantage of them. For them, in his mind, were the ones that brought him to this world.

As being part of a regular family, Ri quickly adapted to the work around the place. He seemed typical enough, but it was whenever he had to use a weapon for something he got a cold sensation down his spine and a thrill of excitement. It was then that he started to craft his own items and began to learn to protect his family. Training off into the forest, he was isolated and worked solely for himself. He wanted to pass those around him and eventually take the place of a high-ranking official. Someone who can force people to do what he wants. Unknown to the public, but by the age of 13 this young prodigy was one of the best fighters in the land. Ri never wanted to prove this to anyone…at least not yet.

Becoming adept in speed and strength, Ri continued to train no matter what. He had a dream and nothing could stop him from that. Unfortunately, his life took a turn for the worse. Upon gathering food and such from the village using his natural persuasive tongue, he only returned to see his family missing. Ri, being the smart one he was, asked a nearby person for information. Yet, the person could barely speak but manage to say the word “Execution”. It seemed the leader wanted to kill his parents and him, yet since he was gone, he knew his parents wouldn’t tell. Nevertheless, he had to free them.

His mind set went instantly to justice. Picking up his wooden sword, he went into the main parts of the castle to witness this execution. Watching as his parents stepped onto the hanging platform, his mind immediately sparked on its own. The moment they were hung, his eyes turned a pale white. And without hesitation, he screamed out, “Bastards!”. This instant Ri had two choices, run or fight. And as anyone wanted to do, he chose fight. 20 Guards seemed to surround Ri, but he managed to kill all of them without taking a single bit of damage. It was said he danced like a God that day.

At this instant, while covered in blood and weary, the king stepped forward. Ri with all his might wanted to kill him, but he couldn’t lift the sword anymore. The leader on the other hand had different plans for him. It seemed that he offered Ri to be head of his minions and immediately Ri forgot all about his parents. His high-official position and come and with a sinister grin he accepted. From here on out, he would be in command.

Many years has passed. During this time, Ri reached the age of 19 and managed to complete his self-training. He mastered the Singultus and Munimentum. Also, to keep in shape, he mastered his other martial arts techniques of Inexpugnabilis and Terminus Est. He was truly a force to be reckoned with. However, along with this, his attitude changed for the worse. Without a family to keep him sane, he quickly turned evil. His malice was known all over as the “Overlord”. And the king happened to be very pleased.

It seemed that Ri wanted more than his position. His thirst for power was outstanding. It was then that he searched for his garments: the pants and vest of Tryker. The quest led him far and wide before he could find them. Each seemed to be adept with a special way to protect them, but somehow, ways that I am not sure of, children; he managed to obtain them and wield their power. It seemed that he was now the most powerful man in the 18th century.

His eyes turned dark crimson with blood of hate during the next years. Yet, his life was about to turn for the worse. His men soon fled him and so did most people he came in contact with. He didn’t even have to open his mouth and they automatically recognized him as if a curse had fallen upon him. The moment of truth was finally there when the people of the lands united against him. They seemed to be fed up with his power and fame. It seemed that the kings wanted to be known as well. The four people, or the last crusaders as they were called, stood in front of Ri on a cold and rainy day. It was there that Ri defeated them and was able to cast them into an eternal void of death. They were erased from the lands. At this moment, he was gifted with Doleo and Excrucio which somehow fell off the mighty people that tried to stop him. It was there that he became a god and somehow was able to summon forth portals. He was able to transverse the universe.

There are more children. More on his tales and journey, but that’s for another day.”

~Theme Song: "Me Vs. The World" - Madina Lake

This character, like I said, was meant for these forums. And as I continue to think of things, I will continually add them here. Enjoy.