One Name. One Legend.
May 3, 2006
Rings of Naglifar
Many people asked me to show them my character, so here is only the FIRST half. The attacks, armor, more weapons, and abilities are all still to come. They have not been completed yet. The bio also still has to be added. Do not post in this thread unless it is entirely POSITIVE.

Basic Information

First Name: Virat
Last Name: ???
A.K.A: The Elemental God
Race: Transcended Naglafarian infused with a mixture of Manalosian
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male.
Blood Type: Not having blood to begin with, he is instead having a special infusion of Ki and Chi running through his veins.
Hometown: Unknown.
Occupation: Escaped Specimen
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Alignment: Works solely for his own gain. The needs of others are discarded.
Family: None.
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 180 Lbs. or 89 Kilos. Approx.
Skin Tone: Quartz with a hint of grey
Skin Condition: Perfect.
Hair Color: Holding a small whitish tint, it is abstract from the rest of civilization.
Hair Style: Spiked Back
Hair Length: Extending medium distance.
Eye Color: His eyes appear that of a blackened version of a regular eye. However, when viewed up close, it seems to move.
Vocal Tone: Clear, unsure voice.
Handed: Ambidextrous
Distinguishing Features: Eyes, hair, and runic insignias.
Martial Status: Single.
Class: Elemental Shifter
Weapon Proficiencies (main): Unarmed, dual wielded long swords, and the Katana

Elemental Forms:

Name: Phoenix
Type: Fire Elemental Form
Properties: Transforming the body into a fiery essence, it burns with immense heat. Anything that the body seems to touch becomes instantly immolated, or scorched. This exists through his unnatural “blood”, transforming the very essence of him. This makes the form incredibly immune to fire and physical attacks. The lava will probably melt the other weaponry rather than be hurt by it. When he wants to, he may change back to original form or go to a different elemental form.
Description: Appearing much like his human form, it is really Virat as a lava mutant. The lava wraps around the old skin, but instead of just sitting on top, the lava actually melts his previous skin. It soon takes the place, and that is how he is able to control it.

Name: Thor
Type: Lightning Elemental Form
Properties: Much like its fire counterpart, Virat is able to transform into a lightning type of form. This soon makes him a long range creature, able to control the element of lightning. With volts generating as high as 50,000, he is soon considered a walking powerhouse. The surges that emit from him could electrify a human being with enough left over to charbroil a turkey. The physical attacks against him seem to be immune, and the lightning attacks seem to prove fatal to any being.
Description: Again, the lightning takes the form of the human outline. His skin begins to emit shocks, then transform into a yellow stream of electrons. Soon enough, his body consist of pure electricity.

Name: Hades
Type: Shadow Elemental Form
Properties: Instead of being like its elements before it, the Hades form absorbs the darkness around him. Consisting of nothing more than the darkness and shadows, weapons pass through it while it slowly decays the weapons properties through shadow manipulation.
Description: The shadows soon turn into an amorphous blob that lies on the ground. However, when another being’s shadow touches it, it soon takes the form of that. Rising up from the ground, it appears as the enemy itself. However, instead of using the enemy’s attacks, Virat uses his own. Upon will, he can change back to regular form only before going to anything else.

Name: Leviathan
Type: Water Elemental Form
Properties: Much like the forms before it, the Water elemental form proves too advantageous. Transforming the body into water itself, it proves to slow down the enemy’s physical attack that goes into Virat. Counterbalancing with the watery offense abilities, Leviathan enables Virat to oppose many a foe.
Description: Like most of the forms before it, Virat enables the water to emerge from the porous glands. It soon takes over his whole body, much like the Phoenix form. Soon enough, the watery outline of Virat exists. Oxygen bubbles can be seen rising through the form.

Name: Apollo
Type: Wind Elemental Form
Properties: Used as the most frequent form, Virat enables the body to turn into the air itself. Upon doing so, magic and physical attacks are futile. Gaining the ability of floating on the ground, the footsteps are unheard and thus he has a chance of changing to another form instantly. This is a basis for a stealth kill.
Description: His genetic makeup once again changes to form air. Thus, his whole body turn to the air itself and the appearance is gone. His figure still remains, but once in air elemental form, it merges with the current environment. This makes him invisible, except for the clothing that exits on him.

Name: Gaia
Type: Earth Elemental Form
Properties: Turning his body into Earth itself, he gains the properties of solid stone. This makes his body be able to resist high wind environment, or rather shattering basic attacks. It may not prove advantageous over other styles, but it is more of a defensive one. Having no movement, the idle Virat waits until his will changes into another form.
Description: Once again, his structure turns his whole body into the earth itself. Looking like what he is touching, but having the inside be made of solid stone, it is a technique that is mainly used for hiding purposes.


Name: Requiem
Type of Weapon: Katana
Properties: Immune to telekinesis, Requiem produces different properties. Once the hilt touches an element, Requiem's blade takes the form of the opposing element. So, say if it the hilt touches fire, it takes the form of water. Upon using this blade, Virat has two elements to be able to wield at once. If an enemy uses an opposing element, the blade can easily counter and absorb it.
Description: Made from the ancient Naglafarians, the blade is composed of the finest elements known to man. Having a 20 Inch Blade and a 10 Inch handle, it reaches 30 inches of striking distance. The blade is covered in ancient runes that give it its magical properties. The hilt is composed of a purplish silk fabric that entwines it down to the very end. At the tip of the hilt exist a pyramidal shape.
Location: The sheath, located horizontally across Virat’s back, offers easy withdrawal of Requiem with quick access from any position. Tilted at a 30 degree angle, the withdrawal of Requiem is much more efficient.

Name: Lament
Type of Weapon: Internal Distribution
Location: This weapon is one that can not be seen from an opponent for it is deep within the skin of Virat. Small spikes are lying across the bones of his body, giving protection from oncoming attacks even further.
Properties: The spikes take the form of whatever element Virat shifts into, for they are composed of the same genes as his organs and blood. The downfall to this trait is the fact Virat can’t use them in his physical form as a weapon, but only as defense.
Description: Upon shifting forms, the spikes take the form of whatever element Virat’s body changes into. These spikes soon are able to launch from the body in a free fashion upon will. Since they are part of his body, they can be formed into nearly any object when he wants to (Whips, daggers, shields, etc.). Thus Virat gives added attack power or protection.


Name: Essence of Albion
Type: Chest Plate
Location: Stationed on Virat’s chest, the armor is a mere force that is driven
Properties: Unlike much armor that was created, the essence of Albion is a force that exists solely on Virat’s chest. It is invisible to the common eye, and thus he appears to have no armor at all. The armor is there, but rather as an essence of old armor. This armor also has another use. As many people conjugate and manipulate the elements, Virat’s armor also protects him from things such as that. It is as though an elemental wall has been stationed before Virat and the enemy. If the enemy does try to manipulate Virat’s elemental structure, they will surely be depressed at the unresponsive Virat.
Description: Created by the ancient Magi and infused to Virat’s unique bloodline, it is invisible. It exists as a fortified protection against regular attacks. It can’t be removed, so in turn, Virat is ultimately protected.

Name: Runes of Albion
Type: Etched Symbols
Location: Positioned down the right arm and right leg
Properties: Unlike the Essence of Albion, these runes each represent an element of the universe; from gravity – light. These runes when activated portray a shield to counter effect the element being cast at Virat. The only downside is that Virat can’t use these in elemental forms, but only in his regular form. It gives added fortification to the body.
Description: Written in ancient relics, the runes take the form of the elements themselves; a lightning strike for lightning, two squiggly lines for wind, etc.These runes look like ordinary tattoos, but are far different.

Name: Cape of the Vanguard
Type: Cloak
Location: Wrapping around Virat’s neck, it descends to the ground as a cape
Properties: The cape has no specific properties besides the fact it was formed by the armada from his birthright. It holds no true properties besides being made from finest fabrics. The cape is also unique in the essence that it can regenerate itself. So, once sliced through, the cape stiches and repairs itself. This is how when Virat changes forms, the cape is unmangled.
Description: Appearing as a white silk fabric, the cape of the Vanguard covers the bottom half of Virat’s face. As it wraps around his head, to descends into a cape like form tailing behind him.

Kenjutsu Styles

Ryuchakyu: Relying on sure speed and agility, this style of swordsmanship is used as a hit and run style. Always having light attacks but at fast speeds, the opponent can hardly see the direction of the blade. Once hit, the opponent may only suffer minor gouges and cuts rather than total decapitation. Used mostly as an offensive style.

Shikanarmu: Looked at as a defensive style rather than an offensive one, it is a deadly when used with the Ryuchakyu. This style focuses mostly on pure strength and will of the sword to counter oncoming blows. Used mostly with grappling moves and close quarter situations, it is a slower and more effective style. The counters of the created style may severe arms or heads, given the opponents attack.

Requiem Skills

Incision:Grasping Requiem by the hilt, he quickly turns the blade to a downward position. With immense speed, he jars the blade into the ground. The crevice created starts to accelerate to the opponent much like an earthquake, splitting the ground as it goes.

Shadow Eclipse: Raising Requiem into the air, Virat channels his body into the blade. As it starts to pulsate with different colors, it soon emits a dark energy aura. Once this is achieved, Virat slashes the Katana down and then horizontal before thrusting it back up once more. Once it reaches the height again, streams of the dark energy erupt from the tip of the Katana. Once and object touches these streams, it is usually thrown back before cracking. Bones of a human skeleton may suffer serious fractures or brokenness.

(More will be added)

Elemental Atrributes:


Ember: Channeling his magic through his body, Virat soon unleashes a hellish flame that encircles his entire form. Extending only to 10 out of his body, the flame causes massivs burns. The ground itself is set ablaze.

Pillar of flames: The name says it all. Shoving his hand down into the ground, the molten lava soon shoots skywards from the ground. The pillars can happen anywhere underneath the earth, making the attack deadly.

Fireball: Basic attack in which Virat summons massive fire to his palms. From there, the fire continues to grow until it is released into a ball. This is most dangerous when Virat makes it so that the flames are continuous, much like a mini-gun.

* Others possibly known.


Shock Web: Looking much like a spider’s web around Virat, it receives its name. Much like the technique Ember used in his fire form, Shock Web initiates an electrical barrier around Virat. The volts produced can render a man unconscious or even paralyze him. The barrier ranges about 10 feet in extension.

Electrocution: Extending like a bolt of lighting from the palm of his hand, it soon reaches the designated target in a split second. The bolt upon contact leaves a massive burn in which miniature bolts are sent through the nervous system of the target, giving him a magnificent electric shock, perhaps killing him.

Lighting Fist: Virat slams his fist into the ground, and immediately an immense Lightning burst expands all around him in an approximate 20 meter radius, destroying practically everything in its path (not literally; e.g if one erects a barrier that can withstand the technique then they won't be effected).

* Others possibly known.

(More will be added)


Naglifar: A distant planet, similar to earth. The sun richened soil and the glamorous forests are a mere distraction from the shadowy under verse of the planet. For, ever since it was created, two fighting factions began a feud that lasted epic proportions. These were the sides of the Magic vs. Brute power. It was told that these two sides fought for control over the planet, but it was such an even battle the times called for a new…advance tactic. It was told that the warriors were soon to have unleashed a hellish beast known as the Leviathan. This…beast was immune to the magical properties of the faction known as Manalosian. This beast unleashed an unstoppable attack against the Manalosian, causing them to submit to the warriors of Albiara. This was the end of the epic battle known solely as the Naglifarian wars.

As the war concluded, the planet was in utter turmoil. The once sun richened soil was now stained with blood of millions. The forest was now burnt down to the ground from the fights that went on. As the Manalosian’s surrendered, they were outcaste to the far, icy reaches of the planet. During this time, the Albiarates took control and power of the land, making it peaceful once again. As years went by there was not a single Manalosian in sight, for if they did, execution would be their punishment. It was written that all hope was not lost for the Manalosians, though. And this is where our story begins……

(Just a brief history. It is just a summary of what Nagliar is, not Virat's existence. I gave you a nice backdrop, though. ^_^)
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