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Apr 30, 2006
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Basic Characteristics:
The average White Demon is described as pale in complexion and generally with a very light color of hair. Few are seen in dark clothing. White Demons have no emotional heart in their bodies. Instead, as compensation for being born without a heart, they are born with a small white gem on a string around their neck. This is known as a Komada Stone and it is the source of their powers. The gem is known for its powerful property of absorbing darkness and restoring health. Unfortunately, these stones can be turned against their owners if tainted with darkness.
Every White Demon has great control over their body. The power to expand, extend and manipulate their bones, flesh and blood has been passed down from generation to generation. This is promoted by the increased healing rate gathered from the Komada allowing them to eject bones as weapons without doing any damage to themselves. White Demons also have great control over their spirits. They are educated on manipulation and enlarging their souls. This is because of their ultimate weapon (to be explained further). Combine their natural physique and their control over their spirit and this results in a creature that is amazingly fast. As a base speed, White Demons can travel at least mach two .

The Henji:
The Henji, in short, is the White Demon's ultimate weapon. The Henji is a hereditary feature that involves the eyes. What the Henji does, is open pathways for the soul, allowing the user to tap into their soul and converting powerful energy. Henji come in three main forms, though it can be seen in many specialized forms. The Henji is often aquired through tramatic and emotional experiences, though some "geniuses" of the Henji are born with their power. The Henji can also grant the user control over space and time, though doing this will result in more power being drained. Using the Henji will only last a limited amount of time due to the soul drain it causes. After using their Henji, White Demons may need to undergo a special ritual to regain their soul's configuration before using it again in quick succession.
Tainted Henji:

The Tainted Henji is the first and weakest form of the Henji. Its standard is opening the soul 25%, though there are some exceptions to this. Even the slowest user of this Henji can go a base speed of mach 15. With this Henji, the soul can be projected and manipulated, even through walls. Though the White Demons are known as light users, this Henji actually turns the souls energy into darkness. The only guess as to why this is must be the White Demon roots of being brought from Hell. It is possible to have this Henji from birth.

White Henji:

The White Henji is the next level. This is the farthest most White Demons will ever reach. Its standard is opening the soul 50%, though there are some exceptions to this. This Henji allows for a base speed of mach 50. The great jump is attributed to the Henji's bizzare control over time. Though the control is limited, time can be brought to a slow crawl, allowing the user to pass and move freely while using this. Using this power will drain the soul much faster though because of the amount of area that the soul must be projected on. Finely tuned Henji can accurately place where the projection is, thus reducing the drain from using it. It is possible to have this Henji from birth.

Violet Flamed Henji:

The Violet Flamed Henji is the ultimate eye formation of the White Demon. Generally, only a genius will ever reach this level of power. The standard for this Henji is an opening of 100% of the soul. The base speed of this Henji is an amazing mach 147(Eight times the speed of light). A side effect of this speed is the resultant loss of motion in the light particles around the user when moving. This leaves the image of the user behind despite the fact they are no longer there, though the image will break up if someone attempts to touch it. Another amazing ability of this Henji is the power to completely stop time. Again, though, this will rapidly drain the user's soul. A rapid healing along with an uncontrollable rush of power amplify the danger of this Henji. It is not possible to have this Henji from birth.

The Forms:
White Demons have four main forms. There are subforms for each Henji variation, but there are only three recognized forms. Though the Henji may be used outside the corrisponding form, it is impossible to use the form with out the proper Henji. This is because each form requires a certain amount of energy to access. Forms allow the Henji user to project their soul better and more efficiently. Because of forms, souls can be projected into certain stuctures such as wings or even weapons. Since these are pure energy, they are virtually indestructable. Also, excess energy is stored around the user as a protective aura. No form is usable from birth even if the Henji is. Forms are developed through time by the user, resulting in some various variations such as horn structure (straight or curved) or wing details (feathered or leathery). Forms of a lower level can be used in conjunction with Henjis of a higher level.

Tainted Secondary Form:
This is the beginning form for the Tainted Henji. It is characterised by the black lines that spread across the user's body, showing the areas where the most soul is leaking out of the body. When fighting a Tainted Secondary Form user, these are the areas that need to be worried about the most. It is these areas that the most powerful attacks will come from. Also, the user will develop canine teeth, claws and even a horn. Often times, the number of horns signifies the strength of the Form. The highest recorded horns for this form is three. There is very little aura formed when used, so attacking is fairly safe as long as you avoid the areas with concentrated lines.

Tainted Primary Form:
This is the final form for the Tainted Henji. In this form, the black lines have widened to cover the entire body, turning the skin jet black. This displays the fact that the entire surface of the skin is leaking out the soul of the user. This makes the user highly dangerous due to the fact that an aura will form now. This aura will burn anything that enters it. Further characteristics are a set of black wings (though red wings have been known to be procured) that form from the energy and increased changes in various body parts. Also, as mentioned before, the number of horns formed determines how strong this form is. The highest ever recorded is seven horns. (Horns do not have to be placed upon the crown. Oftentimes, only three or four horns are on the skull while other horns can surface from the chest, elbows or knees.)

Pure Form:
This is the final form for the White Henji. This is one of the strangest forms due to what happens. First, the skin is covered completely with bandages, then blue symbols form on the skin and glow through the bandages. These symbols have never been read due to how blurry they appear while shining through the bandages. Despite that, these symbols don't stay in one place, but move around. It is unclear what effect this has on the acutal form. In this form, dual sets of wings are made. These four wings are extremely useful when it comes to speed. All of the changes that happen in this form are unknown. What is known is that energy is compressed into some kind of weapon and a rather large aura is formed that is more destructive than the Tainted Version. (Though, often times the destructive nature of the aura is dictated by the user. In the past, some White Form auras have been known to have healing properties when directed so by the user.)

Amaterasu Form:
The final form for the Violet Flamed Henji. Reputed to be the strongest form ever recorded. Amaterasu means "Shining Heaven" which is a good way to describe this form. Six violet and white wings form and are needed, otherwise the earth could be destroyed due to the fact the user of this form can't stand on the ground. Because of the power of the aura that is created by this form, the earth is erroded away beneath them, preventing them from ever touching it. This form is rumored to be blinding and that the aura, which takes on the form of violet flames, is hotter than the sun. Nine weapons are generally formed. Each weapon is unique to the user and represents one of the Nine Kami of Nature. These weapons also move so quickly, that light particles stop.

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