Xbox Original Modded


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Jan 12, 2006
Outworld, Canada
I have a Modded Xbox Original system for sale. (Not xbox 360)

Comes with 1 controller, power wire, RCA cables and the console.

It is a GREAT Entertainment system to use and own.

It Can Play CD's, DVD's, MUSIC, DISPLAY Pictures, STREAM from other PC's on your network such as streaming a movie, pictures, music off a media PC you might have around.

You can also watch YouTube videos, Tweet via Twitter, Watch GameTrailers, and much more!

This modded xbox can play SNES, NES, GENESIS, N64, Atari and a few other older systems on here as well as XBOX games.

This is the ultimate home entertainment system and also can be setup to work in HD mode to play on High Def TV's.

Also as a BONUS you will get VIP ACCESS to to download free xbox games and more.

Lastly you will get FREE lifetime support on this xbox via That way you always have help if needed or un sure on how to use certain options/features.

If interested please send me a PM. :)