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Wow... how trippy is this...

I logged in today after a LONG time.. and saw you were on here today.

it's been soooo long!
That's the good thing about pc games and steam. I picked up portal 2 a while back for 10$, good deal.
Well you can always run the PC section of the website :D I still haven't gotten Portal 2 yet.. but I can't wait to play it. Just waiting for a price drop LOL
I have an account but i don't have an xbox, nor the connection to really play games on : ( I used to have one, but then i got into pc gaming and my xbox died.
BTW do you have xbox live yet? LOL I think I added you months back and still haven't seen you on. So i'm guessing you don't go online or got into PC gaming ?
Well look at that, someone DID remember my birthday. Absence is explained in the blog.